Nominate a Neighbor

  Judging for the Dearborn Aglow holiday decorating awards will take place this Saturday through Monday, so make sure to get your displays plugged in and ready.
  Members of the City Beautiful Commission will be on patrol throughout the city, looking for the most compelling, imaginative, and awe-inspiring displays.
  You can still nominate outstanding homes in the Howard Park Neighborhood by calling 313-943-2415 before 5:00pm on Friday, December 11th. Don't be afraid to nominate yourself!
  Let's show some Christmas spirit and make our neighborhood glow this season!


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Sign up today at howardparkneighborhood@yahoo.com.
  Some e-mail addresses that have were submitted have bounced back, so if you've signed up and have not received an email from us over the past few weeks, please re-submit your email address.
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Another Great Meeting!

  Thanks to everyone who attended last night's meeting of the Howard Park Neighborhood Association. Lots of new faces in the crowd. Dearborn Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston spoke about the school budget crisis and answered every question in the room.
  John Cascardo from the City of Dearborn was on hand, as usual, and addressed some of our concerns about vacant homes in the neighborhood. To report homes that are unkept call Neighborhood Services at 943-2161. Or you can pass on concerns directly to the Association at howardparkneighborhood@yahoo.com
  Also, we elected a few board members for 2010:
  • David Bierman, President
  • Bob Vogler, Vice President
  • Denise Mann, Secretary
  We're also looking for volunteers to be Block Captains. Ideally, every block in Howard Park would be represented by a Block Captain. If you're interested, please email us or simply come to our next meeting. We'll announce the time and date soon.
  Happy Thanksgiving!


Superintendent Whiston at Tuesday's Meeting

This Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria of Howard Elementary, Dearborn Schools Superintendent Brian Whiston will address the Howard Park Neighborhood Association. 
As most of you know, our district is facing deep cuts in staff and programs. Mr. Whiston has kindly agreed-on very short notice-to fill us in on the budget crisis facing Dearborn Public Schools.  
Bring a neighbor, and hope to see you there.



  Our next meeting is just a week away! Please drop by on Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00pm in the cafeteria at Howard Elementary School. We'll all get to know one another a little better, figure out who wants to help out on the Association Board and plan what we can do together in 2010.
  Bring some ideas!! And bring a neighbor or two!!


Next Meeting Scheduled!

We'll have the next meeting of the Howard Park Neighborhood Association on Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00pm. This meeting will be held in the cafeteria so there will be plenty of seating for everyone.
Please tell your neighbors and plan to be there on the 24th!


Thank You, Howard Park Neighbors!

  Our first meeting was a real success. We had a packed house...one of the biggest first meetings ever, according to some. Corporal Jerry Blevins and Corporal Dan Bartok gave a very informative presentation about Dearborn's Neighborhood Watch program. We all learned easy and affordable ways to protect ourselves and our homes from the 'bad guys.'
  John Cascardo, Neighborhood Redevelopment Coordinator for the city was also on hand and touched on a lot of our neighborhood concerns; rental homes, vacant homes, code violations and more. We'll continue to delve deeper into these important issues in future meetings.
  Most importantly, we learned we have a community filled with a lot of active, concerned citizens. We'll take the time to get to know each other more in future meetings, and even have a little fun.
  We'll announce our next meeting very soon. It will definitely include snacks (and more chairs)!


Tonight's the Night!

  Remember, the first meeting of the Howard Park Neighborhood Association will take place tonight at 7pm in the Media Room of Howard Elementary School. 
Bring a neighbor!


First Meeting: October 22nd

   The Howard Park Neighborhood Association will hold its first meeting on Thursday, October 22nd at 7pm. The meeting will take place in the Media Room at Howard Elementary School. Help us spread the word and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Homes & Businesses of Howard Park (Pt. 2)

A few more examples of our area's fine homes and shops...


Homes & Businesses of Howard Park (Pt. 1)

We have a lot of beautiful homes and thriving businesses in our neighborhood. Here are just a few...


Want your home or business featured here? Just send us some pics at howardparkneighborhood@yahoo.com !


The Howard Park Neighborhood Association is now active for the first time in several years. Our area consists of the area south of Ford Road to Wilson Street, bound by Telegraph to the west and Outer Drive to the east.

Like other neighborhood associations throughout Dearborn, ours can be a helpful conduit between city leaders and our unique community.

Soon, we hope to have meetings to address questions regarding issues like Dearborn’s Public Service Days and Neighborhood Watch Program.

Until then, please keep in touch so we can keep you up to date with future programs, events and any other information that impacts the residents of Howard Park.

If you have any neighborhood news to announce, please let us know and we'll post it here. Just send an e-mail to howardparkneighborhood@yahoo.com