Thank You, Howard Park Neighbors!

  Our first meeting was a real success. We had a packed house...one of the biggest first meetings ever, according to some. Corporal Jerry Blevins and Corporal Dan Bartok gave a very informative presentation about Dearborn's Neighborhood Watch program. We all learned easy and affordable ways to protect ourselves and our homes from the 'bad guys.'
  John Cascardo, Neighborhood Redevelopment Coordinator for the city was also on hand and touched on a lot of our neighborhood concerns; rental homes, vacant homes, code violations and more. We'll continue to delve deeper into these important issues in future meetings.
  Most importantly, we learned we have a community filled with a lot of active, concerned citizens. We'll take the time to get to know each other more in future meetings, and even have a little fun.
  We'll announce our next meeting very soon. It will definitely include snacks (and more chairs)!


Tonight's the Night!

  Remember, the first meeting of the Howard Park Neighborhood Association will take place tonight at 7pm in the Media Room of Howard Elementary School. 
Bring a neighbor!