Meeting Change & More News

Due to scheduling conflicts at Howard Elementary, our meeting with Mayor O'Reilly will take place April 15th in the cafeteria of LINDBERGH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL at 7pm. Lindbergh is just a few blocks from Howard at 500 N. Waverly Street . 

We plan to distribute flyers door to door through the Howard Park neighborhood to spread the word about this meeting. If you can help out, pick a street and we'll drop off flyers a week or two before the meeting.

Also, the warm weather has a lot of us doing yard work and leaving yard waste at the curb. However, the city will not begin collecting until the week of April 5th so hold off bringing containers to the curb until then. Yard waste may be placed loose in 20-32 gallon containers with a yard waste sticker on the lid or yard waste paper bags. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up.