City Adds Ordinance Enforcement Officers

  In case you haven't seen the story in the local paper, the city has added four temporary ordinance enforcers whose primary objective will be to crack down on homeowners with overgrown grass. Mayor O'Reilly hopes these officers will help provide stricter enforcement of Dearborn's long-standing grass policy. Homes that are cited for overgrown grass will have one day to cut it. After that, the city may send a crew to cut the yard at the homeowner's expense.
  There are homes (vacated and otherwise) in the Howard Park Neighborhood that are clearly in violation of Dearborn's grass ordinance. You can report these properties at 943-2161 or simply email me the address and I'll pass it along to the city. So far, the city has done a good job of responding to concerns in our neighborhood. 
  Also, now's the time to nominate our neighbors for the summer City Beautiful Awards. Send me the addresses of homes in Howard Park that you think deserve special attention. I'll forward them along to the City Beautiful Commission for consideration in this summer's judging. All this rain is sure to mean green grass and blooming flowers for the judges.
  We're trying to schedule one late-spring meeting before we break for the summer. I'll pass along the date and time as soon as we get everything firmed up.