Congratulations x 3

    A big congratulations to the residents of North York Street for showing massive support for the 3,000 walkers who trudged through our neighborhood in the grueling Sunday afternoon heat. Dozens of neighbors on York between Ford Road and Doxtator decorated their homes and yards to greet the walkers, and provided refreshments a misting station and lots of cheering. The organizers called our block one of the best in the entire 60-mile walk. Everyone who pitched in should be proud.
  Congratulations also goes out to the teachers, staff and students of our very own Howard Elementary School. Recently, all Michigan Public Schools were ranked and rated for student performance. Many schools in our district didn't fare well, but Howard ranked in the 99.5 percentile statewide. No wonder kids from across the city flock to our school. Great job.
   Also, a big congratulations to one of our favorite neighbors, Kat Hans. If you live here, you've no doubt seen Kat walking her dogs almost every single day through our neighborhood. Kat welcomed her son Victor into the world Saturday morning. Mom and baby are doing fine and should be coming home soon.


Walk for Cure Coming Sunday and Other News

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure will end this Sunday in Dearborn. The route will take hundreds of men and women right down North York Street. You can expect to see walkers in our neighborhood as early as 11am and continuing through the mid-afternoon. The walk ends with a ceremony on the lawn of Ford World Headquarters at 4:30.
You can do your part by keeping the sidewalks clear of debris. You can also cheer them on with signs, balloons, horns or even provide bottles of water.
Let's show our support and our hospitality!

Unfortunately, there have been reports by Dearborn Police of increased thefts of window air conditioning units. Thieves are recycling the metal so be especially aware of salvage trucks in your neighborhood. Especially if they're full of air conditioners. If you have a window air conditioner, screw it into your window frame. As usual, keep an eye on your neighbors and call Dearborn Police if you see something suspicious.

We'll announce our next meeting in early September. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!